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The Knoff yoga system of practice and teaching evolved over 70 years from the combined experiences of Master Teacher, Nicky Knoff and James Bryan.
The foundation of the Knoff Yoga system arose from direct study with the Masters of Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
The Knoff Yoga system utilises the human body as the guide to correct anatomical alignment, structural balance and energetic application of yoga techniques. All techniques honour and recognise the individuality of every student and are tailored accordingly to suit all body shapes and proportions. The Knoff yoga system is adapted to a unique formula that carefully combines and enhances the synergistic effects of traditional yogic tools:
-Yoga Meditation: non-religious
-Yoga Breathing: breathing exercise for vitality
-Yoga Postures: anatomically aligned, structurally balanced
-Yoga Relaxation: techniques to effectively deal with stress
-Yoga Philosophy: positive, uplifting and life affirming



What is the Knoff Yoga system?


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A summary of Knoff Yoga


Knoff Yoga is an approach to Hatha Yoga that prioritises the anatomical alignment of Iyengar Yoga whilst incorporating the energetic aspects of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.
Hatha Yoga utilises the body as a vehicle, or tool, to increase awareness. At its core, Knoff Yoga adheres to the traditional style of Hatha Yoga. All of the training techniques: meditation, breathing, posture, relaxation and philosophy, are designed to direct the mind inwards. The overarching goal is to focus on existing in the present moment—neither reflecting on the past, nor projecting into the future. This is facilitated though cultivating awareness of the body and breath—an unparalleled process allowing us to gain insights into our individual emotional and mental states. Through utilising these yoga techniques, the power to influence physical and mental health becomes yours! Well-being is improved upon every level: increased strength, improved flexibility, enhanced clarity, increased energy—all centred in emotional balance.
The concepts behind Knoff Yoga are simple. Body and mind are two sides of the same coin. What affects one, affects the other. Thoughts influence the body as much as the body influences the mind—two halves of a whole! Increased awareness with enhanced mobility and vitality provide you with the best opportunity to make the most of your precious life.
Typically, people are introduced to yoga through a physical issue which they wish to resolve. Whether it begins with a bad back, high levels of stress, or an impending sense of becoming older, the goal of Knoff yoga is to enlighten you with the tools you already possess to make positive changes in the direction you choose.
Life has provided you with the vehicle. Knoff Yoga is the owner's manual. Let’s drive.