Tomoko Gregory

I first began practising yoga in Japan, when I was 17 years old. When I moved to Australia I began training under Nicky Knoff and James Bryan at the Cairns Ashtanga Yoga School in 1997. I completed my first teacher training course with Nicky in 2006. Over the last 15 years I have completed all 9 levels of Teacher training, including: Discovery, Foundation, Intermediate, Advanced and Master levels, as well as specialist yoga disciplines, including Chair yoga, Pregnancy yoga and Holistic yoga sessions A & B. I have been assisting Nicky with her recent workshops and teacher training courses in order to deepen my understanding and experience in this discipline.
I began my teaching vocation in 2006 at the Cairns Ashtanga Yoga School but decided, soon after, to teach independently at the Aeroglen Community Hall from 2007. The small to medium size of this location allows me to keep class numbers manageable so that I can maintain personal instruction to each of my students. My aim is to share the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga in alignment with the Knoff yoga system.



Tomoko Gregory did not have it easy with Yoga. She was not a ‘natural’. Tomoko has a long spine and a tight thoracic spine (as I do) and, for a lot of the postures, this is a handicap.

What Tomoko does have is an excellent attitude, plus an abundance of fortitude. Her Yoga journey is a classic example of the Hare and the Tortoise story.

Tomoko is dedicated to her practice and to the understanding of the bigger picture. She takes every opportunity to work with Nicky Knoff and has assisted her in many, many teacher training courses, workshops, and private classes.

Tomoko studied at the feet of a master and has, with hard work, reached the level of Master Teacher herself. We can count the number of our students at this level on one hand.

If you want to learn the practical how-to steps of classical Yoga, plus gain insight into the philosophy of Yoga, you could not find a better teacher than Tomoko Gregory.

James E. Bryan


Tomoko Gregory started studying with me in 1997. I have keenly watched her progress through the many challenges over the years. I have always been impressed by her discipline and dedication and been delighted by her epiphanies along the way. Tomoko has generously shared some of these insights with us via the Knoff Yoga Newsletter.

To reach the level of Master Teacher in the Knoff Yoga system is not easy. Each step up from Discovery to Foundation, to Intermediate, to Advanced, to Master is huge. It can take years for the body to open and for the mind to fully integrate.

I am satisfied that Tomoko understands the Knoff Yoga system thoroughly and give her my full approval as a Master Teacher and wish her every continued success.

Nicky Knoff


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